Pergolas and umbrellas

The service of installing pergolas and umbrellas is one of the most important works of our organization. We offer them in different shapes and sizes to suit all purposes (car umbrellas – palaces umbrellas – swimming pools umbrellas – garden umbrellas)

Design and installation of fountains

We provide the service of installing artificial fountains inside and outside homes, in palaces, villas, and public and private gardens, due to their importance and giving them an attractive view of the place, and that they serve as a precious decorative piece inside the house, palaces and villas, and increase their value, as we install them at the entrances to the house or villas.

We offer many types such as (lighted fountain – wall fountain – table fountain – waterfall fountain)

The selection of them is made according to the general taste and the request of the customer

Irrigation Networks Service

We provide irrigation services for gardens, homes, palaces, villas and public gardens

We offer all the basics of agricultural plumbing and all different irrigation equipment (drip irrigation networks – sprinkler irrigation networks)

Which are chosen from among them according to the nature of the land and the type of planted plant, and we rely on the most modern and advanced methods to satisfy our customers.

Design and installation of waterfalls

We offer the service of installing waterfalls in the gardens of palaces, villas, public gardens, inside and outside homes to decorate and increase their value and add an aesthetic touch to the place of the most important types (classical waterfalls – musical waterfalls – decorative waterfalls)

We use many materials such as (porcelain – stones – ceramics)

The type and shape of the waterfall is chosen based on the desire and request of the customer

Artificial grass installation

We offer artificial turf installation service to all our customers at the highest level and the finest types of turf.

The installation of grass inside homes is different from gardens, and villas are different from clubs and public places

landscaping service

We offer all our customers the best garden landscaping service of all kinds, whether (public gardens – private gardens) and comprehensively equipped them, relying on the latest and most powerful tools that help to accomplish the task in record time and with excellent accuracy with the finest and finest raw materials used in landscaping

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